At we care about mothers and provide information about birthing options, caring for baby, the importance of the birth experience, breastfeeding, and all that comes with being a new mom. We also want to share information that helps families live greener — from understanding labels to the impact common toxins have on our lives.We do not participate in “Mommy Wars”. Although we support breastfeeding, we encourage respect for moms and women in the choices they make. We are growing to be a safe place where women can find help and support, not judgement.


Melanie Herschorn as a contributor on HealthyBabyNetwork.comMelanie Herschorn

Melanie Herschorn is the founder and designer of Udderly Hot Mama nursing tops. Melanie is also a journalist and has worked in both broadcast and print media as a news anchor and reporter. Udderly Hot Mama has been Melanie’s baby since her toddler was 5 months old. Nursing around the clock, she realized there was a void in the market place. Melanie’s goal since then has been to bring fashionable and functional breastfeeding tops to moms everywhere. She and her family live in Phoenix, AZ.
Ebeth Johnson as a contributor on HealthyBabyNetwork.comEbeth Johnson

Ebeth Johnson is a plant-based culinary nutritionist who specializes in the unique nutritional and lifestyle needs of breastfeeders-to-be and new nursing moms. She is the woman behind the Breastfeeding Chef™ and mother to her daughter Cayenne, whom she still breastfeeds at 22 months. Find out more about her, register for her next class or schedule a consultation at

Follow her at and join the conversation on twitter @breastfeedchef.
Ann Lawrence as a contributor on HealthyBabyNetwork.comAnn Lawrence

Ann Lawrence, ND, BSc is a licensed Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and has been practicing in her own clinic since 1999. Having a love for nature and a keen interest in how the health of humans, plants, animals and water systems are affected by the environment we live in, Ann pursued her career in Naturopathic Medicine–the perfect holistic venue for Ann combining her love of nature and herbs with a desire to help people. Being a mother, Ann knows the importance that parents place on the well being and health of their child or children. Dr. Lawrence has an eclectic family practice with homeopathy, Bowen therapy, nutritional counseling, acupuncture, Field Control Therapy (FCT) and has been using herbal remedies with her patients with great success since 1999. A line of certified organic herbal teas was created starting with the first teas in 2002 progressing to 20 different health promoting, tasty teas to now choose from! Fyrefly Organic Herbal Teas can be be enjoyed by all members of the family as a wholesome alternative to coffee, hot chocolate, pop or other sugary drinks. These teas can be ordered online at

Beth MacKenzie

Beth MacKenzie is an experienced birth doula & holds strong the belief that childbirth is normal, natural &healthy, it’s an important life event, one that makes you a mother and that grows your family. She loves helping expectant mothers and fathers prepare for their upcoming labours and births through HypnoBirthing®, a childbirth education program that is designed to inspire parents, teaching them methods to prepare them for and to achieve the births that they want.
Kelly Maslen as a contributor on HealthyBabyNetwork.comKelly Maslen

Kelly Maslen is a birth doula, postpartum doula, Hynobirthing® instructor, nutritionist, personal chef, lactation educator. Her birth career started 15 years ago when she was a doula for her sister. After supporting her sister through some tough times, birth became Kelly’s passion and mission to help other women through this amazing and sometimes challenging journey. She is the owner of Simply Healthy Family and mother to a beautiful daughter.
Dr. Soania Mathur as a contributor on HealthyBabyNetwork.comDr. Soania Mathur

Dr. Soania Mathur is a family physician living outside of Toronto. Recently, Dr. Mathur launched a new company Hippylicious ( which is dedicated to providing parents with all natural, non-toxic personal care products for their families in an effort to reduce their toxin load, a factor that she believes is significant in the development or exacerbation of many diseases.She is an active speaker with the Parkinson’s Society of Canada at patient-directed conferences and also serves as a resource for education projects. She works with The Michael J. Fox foundation for Parkinson’s Research and serves on their Patient Council. She is a member of The Brian Grant Foundation Advisory Board that helps to create educational programming and she is the founder of Designing A Cure Inc. importantly, she is the proud mother of three beautiful daughters and married to her loving and supportive husband Arun, a Urologic surgeon.


Elizabeth McGee as a contributor on HealthyBabyNetwork.comElizabeth McGee

Elizabeth McGee is a researcher, writer and creator of the Worry Free C-Section, a site dedicated to helping new mothers find essential Cesarean information that not only includes planning, recovery, and risks, but offers ideas and topics on understanding when Cesareans are necessary, when they are not, and how to avoid them.


Sharon Silver as a contributor on HealthyBabyNetwork.comSharon Silver

Sharon Silver is the author of “How to Respond not React: 108 Ways to Discipline Consciously and Become the Parent You Want to Become”. She’s an educator, speaker, blogger and founder of Proactive Parenting. She’s passionate about awareness and communication, blending that with new ways to discipline/teach children to transform parenting from reacting to responding.
Ann Sawdo as a contributor on HealthyBabyNetwork.comAnn Sawdo

Ann Sawdo is the Admin for The BabyCountdown, a small business owner (Everything Pizzelles) and “comes from the school known as life”. Her traditional Italian upbringing taught her to put her 3 children first in her life. Her belief system is “I brought these little people into the world, it is my JOB first and foremost to raise them to be happy, healthy, confident adults”. Ann enjoys teaching women how empowering birth is. She leans toward Home birth and Natural Pregnancy, although always enjoys hearing everyone’s experiences and is open minded. She enjoys corresponding with moms and supporting them in a positive and helpful way. Her favorite quote on birth has always been from her Midwife:”If you can’t handle the pain of labor, how are you possibly going to handle the pain of raising a child?”


Sara Vartanian as a contributor on

Sara Vartanian

Sara Vartanian is an urban, green mom of two little boys. She is the founder of Green Moms Collective, a Canadian community to educate and inspire moms to live green.
Through her Toronto boutique, changeMatt, Sara offers eco-consulting and cloth diaper matchmaking services. If she’s not on twitter talking all things green mom, she can be found
wandering the city’s green spaces and farmers markets with her family.