Having a baby is a time of great excitement and anticipation.  A LaborKit is a pre-packed canvas bag with all the necessary items to help you prepare for birth and practical items to help make baby’s delivery and your recovery as stress-free as possible.

We have consulted with many nurses, doulas and mothers to create the most practical and affordable range of LaborKits for expectant moms (four LaborKits to choose from).

“I wish we’d had the LaborKit with my first child. Instead of gathering my stuff together for me to take to the hospital (while I was doubled over with contractions), my husband was in the kitchen making sandwiches for our “guests”!  I would highly recommend the LaborKit to any expectant parents.” –Kerry

Each LaborKit™ contains must-have items – Birth Plan, Hospital Checklist, mesh underwear, an ice pack,  nursing pads, lanolin, sanitary pads, peri bottle, Preggie Pop Drops, non-slip socks and much more. All items were carefully selected to ensure quality with trusted names like Tena, Pampers, Gerber, Burt’s Bees and EcoRite. The lip balms and moisturizers are organic or natural.

The company that produces the canvas bag (EcoRite) donates a portion of sales to charity and we donate $2 from each LaborKit purchased to Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and Calgary Health Region Best Beginning Program.

 The Deluxe LaborKit™ includes the DVD Bringing Baby Home to help answer questions on over 140 baby topics. Any mom-to-be would be thrilled to have such a unique and practical gift.

“I was happy to see that my shower gift was a complete hit! One woman, a retired pediatric nurse, after hearing of the kits’ flexibility, noted that every new mom should have a LaborKit …I’d say my gift was a complete success!” – Linda

“When I received my LaborKit at my baby shower, I was so excited! It was such a unique gift. I was stressed out about what to bring to the hospital, so this answered a lot of my questions. The LaborKit is definitely a great gift for a shower – something I’ve never heard of or seen. All the nurses had never seen one either and were going gaga. I would recommend this to anyone.”  – Erika

Visit www.laborkit.comto purchase your LaborKit — it’s everything you need for the big day!