Twitter parties are a great opportunity to connect with followers and friends. Usually an information exchange and place to find support, twitter parties and chats may also include giveaways and prizes for participation.

For new and expectant moms, a twitter party can allow you to connect with professionals and get answers to your burning questions — directly from an expert.  It’s a chance to share ideas, advice, support and friendship during a one or two-hour topic-specific “party”.

Some are regular weekly parties and others are monthly or created around a special occasion. Businesses often support or sponsor a party by offering giveaways and the host usually posts questions for participants to answer in order to win. It can be a ton of fun but a little hard to keep up with. Sign up for Hootsuite or TweetGrid to help you keep up.

Here are the top twitter parties and chats we recommend for expectant new moms:

BFCafe (#BFCafe) – All about breastfeeding. Thursdays at 10pm EST Hosted by @zealandsmom. Giveaways, fast paced, great participation.

BFChat (#BFChat) – Covers breastfeeding topics with great info and features some giveaways. Weekly chat from 3pm- 4pm EST every Wednesday. Hosted by @GinaAtLansinoh.

Cloth Diapering (#ClothDiaper) – Cloth diapers how-to, tips and advice.  Mondays at 9pm. No official host but it looks like there is great participation and a lot of giveaways and sponsors. Regular twitter chat that’s been around almost one year!

Childbirth Educator Party (#CBEParty) Every Tuesday night at 10pm EST for Childbirth Educators. Hosted by @preparing4birth. Although this is for Childbirth Educators, anyone is welcome to follow and ask questions etc.

Doulas (#DoulaParty) Every Friday at 10pm EST Hosted by @BirthBabiesBlog and @preparing4birth. Highly recommend this for women considering having a doula for labor and delivery.

EcoWed (#EcoWed) – Discusses ways to improve our lives through environmental choices and avoiding synthetic chemicals. 10p-11p EST every Wednesday. Hosted by @3greenangels If you want to win a eco-friendly prize for attending the party you have to RSVP. Each week RSVP for the party and then participate. You do have to attend the party!

HealthyChild (#healthychild)Discussion about everything from vaccinations to healthier products for family. Thursdays at 9pm EST. RSVP is requested. Hosted by @Healthy_Child

Pregnancy Awareness Month (#PAM) – Special chats organized by @PregAwareness throughout May for pregnancy awareness month. Four twitter parties Thursdays at 9-10 pm in May – one to mark each week, attendees to include green, mom and celebrity bloggers. Some giveaways but mostly info about pregnancy nutrition, fitness etc.

Postpartum Depression (#PPDChat) – Postpartum Depression, Mood Disorders and general new mom support . Two chat times 1p EST &  8:30pm EST every Monday. Hosted by @unxpctdblessing and @AtlantaMom

Young Parents Support (#YPSupport) is a weekly chat for young parents Tuesdays, 8 p.m. EST. Organized by @Stepsboston

I am sure there are many more. If you host a twitter party that would be of interest to expecting or new moms, please comment below and I will add it to the list. Also, if any host wants to provide a more detailed description, send it along and I will add it too. Have fun!