Are you a new mom who’s anxiously awaiting the arrival of her baby? Check out these 15 things you should know to make the transition into motherhood a smooth one.

1. Talk to your baby’s father about how you will both share responsibilities for raising the baby. Figure out who will do what.

2. Figure out if you will use disposable diapers, which are known for being terrible for the environment, or cloth diapers.

3. Talk to your boss about whether or not you will be returning back to work after the baby is born, and if so, when you would like to return.

4. Enjoy the time that you have now to take care of yourself and totally relax. When your baby arrives, all of that will change.

5. Determine who will help take care of the baby on a daily basis, and who your preferred babysitters will be.

6. Weigh the pros and cons of breastfeeding vs. giving your baby formula.

7. Have a birth plan in place so your medical team will know what you want when it is time to deliver your baby.

8. Keep exercising. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t work out and stay in shape. Talk to your doctor about what workouts are best so you can have a healthy pregnancy.

9. Your baby will be seeing a pediatrician right away, so doing your research to find the best one in your area while you are pregnant is a smart move.

10. Consider taking a CPR class designed for infants. The more you know, the more confident you will be as a new mother when it comes to protecting your baby.

11. As you near the end of your pregnancy, have a few bags packed and ready to go, just in case your baby decides to come early. Have a bag for yourself and for your baby, as well as for your husband.

12. You have a lot of baby clothes, thanks to your baby shower and all of the shopping you’ve been doing to prepare for your new arrival. Be sure to wash all of those clothes ahead of time and neatly place them in your baby’s dressers and closets so they are ready to go.

13. Make yourself a few meals that you could easily freeze. In this way, when you are busy taking care of your baby and you are too tired to cook, you can throw something nutritious together in a matter of minutes.

14. Get the baby room ready early. Again, you don’t know if you’re baby will decide to arrive early so it’s best to be prepared.

15. If there are any renovations around the house that need to be done, complete them before baby arrives. You don’t want your baby to be disturbed by the noise and dust caused by renovations.