Whether you are running errands, still juggling a demanding work schedule or chasing your other 3 children, pregnancy is not a time to skip meals or grab fast food on the go. A good rule is to choose snacks you can pack in your bag for convenience but that also last a few days or longer so that you don’t have to think each time you go out the door — it’s there when you need it AND nutritious.

Here are 5 healthy choices for moms-on-the-go:

1. The easiest choice.A granola bar like Kashi has whole grains, protein, fiber and nutrients that cereal bars don’t. Belly Bars are made specifically for pregnancy and will provide key nutrients a mom-to-be needs. With so many flavors it’s easy to indulge in a pregnancy chocolate craving without any guilt. Either of these are a great choice and you should always have one in your purse “in case of emergency.”

2. Carry water with  you.  Sometimes you aren’t actually hungry, you’re thirsty. Drinking your 8 glasses a day in can be a challenge when your bladder seems to be the size of a pea but it is extremely important. A great addition to liven up your waterfruitsnack2 and make it more nutritious is Be Nice Prenatal Vitamin Drink Mix. You can add these flavorful packets to your water giving it a burst of flavor and nutrients designed especially for pregnant women.

3. An apple a day… On your way out the door toss an apple or orange into your purse. Fruit is convenient, healthy and tasty — a perfect snack on the go. You can also pack dried fruits like cranberries, apples or banana chips. The advantage of dried fruit is that it can be in your purse for a couple of days and there when you need it.

4. Fill a small resealable bag with your favorite snack. At the beginning of the week make up a bunch of snack bags that are sealed and that you can easily grab on your way out the door. Pretzels, crackers, a few nuts and raisins all hit the spot and fill you up.  This also works well for your children to grab and go or pack in lunches making it easy for them to eat healthy too.

5. Individually wrapped cheese.There are many varieties of string cheeses that give you protein and calcium without too many calories. You could include cheese with any of the snacks listed above just be sure that you don’t leave these in your purse too long. This is recommended when you are rushing out the door and know you will be eating on the way to your destination.

Note: Some bars or snacks may have all the daily nutrients you need in one serving so eating too many through out the day is not recommended. These are great, nutritious options and a healthy alternative to pregnancy cravings but remember that you can have “too much of a good thing.” Drinks and meal replacements, even if made specifically for pregnancy, are not meant to be consumed several times a day.

How are these choices also better for the environment?

By choosing products that are natural, reduce environmental impact and specific to pregnancy, you can make better choices today for yourself and your and baby but also have an impact on the world the baby will grow up in. We support these companies and hope you will to.

Be Nice is committed to the health of babies, moms, and the planet. Their packaging is made from recycled paper and created in a factory that uses 100% wind energy.

NutraBella’s all-natural food products promote good nutrition – the foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle. Bellybar provides an easy, food-based source for necessary supplemental nutrients in an all-natural snack designed to match the pace of women’s “real world” lives.

– If you are using plastic bags, a better option is to switch to resusable containers or try making a small step by using Ziploc® evolve™ Bags which are better for the environment with 25% less plastic and manufactured using wind power.

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