What Is An Ovulation Calendar?

An ovulation calendar is used to track your menstruation and ovulation cycle. You enter your menstruation information (start day of last period and average length) and you’ll be shown a calendar outlining your menstruation and your most fertile days. Using this information, you can effectively either target or avoid those days.

Why Do I Need An Ovulation Calendar?

Ovulation calendars are most often used by those interested in concieving, but can also be very useful for those that would like to avoid pregnancy.

The offers a completely free service featuring a 1, 2, 4 or 8 month ovulation calendar.  All views are currently calendar views and indicate:

  • menstruation days
  • barely fertile days
  • somewhat fertile days
  • most fertile days
  • ovulation day
  • test for pregnancy day

If you are planning to get pregnant, learn more about Planning for a Healthy Pregnancy by Ann Douglas. Good luck.