Your pregnant and you feel like a gorgeous, glowing superwoman embracing her new body. Or like many women, you feel bloated, fat and exhausted or somewhere in between.

Some days I loved my growing belly and enjoyed all the kicks and hiccups that made it jump and shake. Other days it was more of a struggle to appreciate the bump that made it so I couldn’t put on my own shoes or let me roll over comfortably in bed.

When I look back, I wish I had cherished that belly more. It’s really amazing that a little person is sharing your body and it’s equally amazing that your body will stretch and grow making the perfect home for your new baby.

I often view portfolios of photographers specializing in pregnancy and newborns. Pregnancy may seem like an eternity when you are pregnant but once baby arrives it’s just a blur and quicly fading memory. The newborn stage is so brief and filled with innocence and awe — a time that should be cherished but might not be if mom is recovering, sleep deprived and trying to manage a new world of breastfeeding.

I wish I had better photos – much better than a photo taken in my living room while proudly lifting my shirt to show my belly. Great photographers are able to somehow capture the love and fondness a pregnant woman has for her unborn baby and the pride in which she carries her new body.

Women are so lucky to be able to experience pregnancy and all of the amazing changes that go along with it. You may look back with much more fondness about being pregnant once you are into the toddler years and wish you had professional photos of that special time in your lives –  before you met but were forever bonded.  If you can afford it, hire a professional photographer specializing in maternity and newborn photos to capture you during the last 4-6 weeks of your pregnancy. You’ll never want to forget how beautiful and radiant you were when you are pregnant – even if you don’t feel that way now.