Leading an eco-friendly, zero waste lifestyle can be tough when you’re a parent, but it definitely isn’t impossible. Check out our tips below for moms who want to be environmentally conscious as they raise their little ones.

Use Natural Products Whenever Possible

There are a lot of skincare products on the market that are specifically designed for use on babies, but many of those products contain ingredients that aren’t all that good for your child. Yikes! Plus, all of those skincare items that come in plastic packaging contribute to waste. Not good.

You can reduce your waste and take a more natural approach to your baby’s skincare, by using mild soap for cleansing, and by moisturizing with coconut oil. You can even use coconut oil for diaper rash, further helping you lead a zero waste lifestyle.

Switch to Washcloths and Cloth Diapers

Every time you change your baby’s diaper, if you throw it into the trash, you are contributing to the waste in landfills. By switching to cloth diapers, which are washable and reusable, you will be doing a great thing for the planet because you will be dramatically reducing the waste that you produce.

According to Treehugger, you can wash your baby’s diapers using natural detergent and hot water, along with a cold rinse. And, you can even avoid using bleach by hanging the diapers to dry in the sunshine. So simple!

In addition to changing the diapers that you’re using, it’s also wise to switch to washcloths that can serve as replacements to your disposable baby wipes. As convenient as those wipes might be, they’re super wasteful, whereas a washcloth that can be washed and reused won’t end up in a landfill.

Consider Buying Used Baby Clothes

Babies grow so fast, so is it really worth spending a lot of money on brand new baby clothes? There are many parents out there who sell used baby clothes in order to make some extra cash, while helping other parents afford good clothing for their children. Definitely check out your options, as you might be surprised by the great finds that you come across. Just another easy and affordable way to lead a zero waste lifestyle!

By implementing a few easy strategies into your daily life, you can certainly lead a zero waste lifestyle with your baby, and you’ll be setting a wonderful example for other moms who will be inspired to follow your lead.

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