Just one generation ago families often helped each other when a new baby was born. Aunts brought homemade casseroles, Grandma knits a blanket and mom came over to help with the baby and let her daughter get a good night sleep. Now more and more families are living greater distances apart and the support that was extended to new moms is not there as often as it once was.readers_200w

Hiring a nanny could be a wonderful solution to a family in need of some additional help or to ease the transition to parenting for a first-time mom. A nanny can be full-time or part-time and live in your home or arrive for scheduled hours. The contract is as long as you need it to be.

There are many ways a nanny can be a tremendous help in the weeks before baby arrives and in the months after. They can help care for a newborn through the night, assist with other children while mom cares for the new baby and even help with meal preparation, errands and housework.  It is worth considering the support of a nanny to help minimize the stress during the postpartum period and allow mom to recover and bond with the new baby.

We recently contacted Candi Wingate, President of Nannies4hire.com, to find out more about how a nanny can help a new mom and what options were available. Candi answered the questions below to help you decide if a nanny would benefit your family. 

Do families hire a nanny after a new baby is born or are nannies hired more for care of several or older children?
Both.  Families hire a nanny before a baby arrives so they are prepared – or may choose to hire a nanny after the baby is born.  Nannies are hired for all ages of children – whether they are young or old.

Can a nanny be hired short-term, maybe two months for full-time care for postpartum support)?
Yes; nannies can be hired for short-term.  Some families will even hire a nanny for overnight care after a baby is born for a short-term situation.  The nanny would be responsible for getting up with the baby/babies throughout the night and can also help with any household responsibilities pertaining to the child.

If a mom who is recovering from c-section or has a new baby and want extra support during that time, would you recommend a Nanny or a Mother’s Helper?  In this situation, it would be a mother’s helper – as the mother would be at home.  A mother’s helper will generally have the same responsibility of a nanny; which can include but are not limited to childcare, light housekeeping, errands, meal preparation, grocery shopping, laundry, etc.

Aside from CPR/First aid are there other qualifications a nanny might have that new parents should ask about? A family should know as much as they can about the nanny.  We highly recommend background checks, references checks, interviews and talk to the nanny about the responsibilities and expectations of the job.  If a nanny is not certified in CPR/First Aid, they are willing to become certified prior to starting a position.

Once a family hires a nanny for a set length of time, do they often extend the contract or keep the nanny on? Yes; a family will usually sign a contract with a nanny for a certain commitment period – and having the expectation of extending on after that commitment if both parties agree upon that.

Hiring the right nanny is a very personal choice. The right person may take time to find so it is wise to start your search early with plenty of time before baby arrives.  Plan to interview several nannies and learn as much as you can about them. Request references and take your time.

Please visit Nannies4hire.com’s online Resource Center to answer all of your questions and use their searchable database to find nannies in your area.

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