If you search online for birth affirmations you will likely find lengthy poems, guided imagery information and many sites referencing “The Secret” but birth affirmations can still be powerful tools while being a simple practice.

Reflective and affirming thoughts or spoken words can help you focus on what your body CAN do, what is natural and beautiful about childbirth and affirm the strength you have in you to get though labor.

Can affirmations reduce the chance of a cesarean section?

Well, birth is unpredictable so no one can guarantee any specific outcome however according to Can Birth Affirmations Help Prevent Cesarean Section?The pain of labor often causes a chain reaction in women that can ultimately lead to a cesarean section, even though the mother could have had a normal, healthy, natural birth. Often, pain and doubting one’s ability can cause women to opt for epidural anesthesia. When given an epidural, a woman is unable to push effectively and so, is given pitocin in order to stimulate contractions.” This may lead down a path of even more medical intervention and ultimately a cesarean.


If we focus on the phrase “doubting one’s ability” then the role of affirmations may serve the purpose of reminding a woman of her strength and ability, not allowing doubt to creep in and giving mom the best chance of getting through the more challenging labor moments.

Here are some simple affirmations to memorize or write down as a reminder when you need it.

  • I embrace birth as a miracle that my body can handle.
  • I believe in my strength and ability.
  • I feel the strong waves of labor and know that everything is as it should be. Labor is progressing.
  • I trust my instinct.
  • I trust my body to give birth just as my body knew how to carry this baby throughout the last nine months.
  • Keep breathing, relax and accept the power I have in me.
  • I am strong and can do this. I trust my body to give birth.
  • Soon I will hold my new baby.
  • I do not fear labor. It is natural and I am able to get through this.
  • I am strong, healthy and in control.

Write down the words that would empower you. Most importantly surround yourself with supportive, encouraging, loving people that will help you experience the birth you want.

Your birth experience may end up being different than you expect but going into it with positive energy, awareness and focusing on the amazing, life-altering event you are experiencing may allow you to feel more empowered and in control. If fear of pain, fear of the unknown (totally normal for moms in labor) and self-doubt creep in, re-focus and ask for the emotional support you need from your support team and try to appreciate the miracle of birth.

There are many things you can do to reduce the chance of having a cesarean birth. Please read Things You Can Do to Avoid an Unecessary Cesarean from the International Cesarean Awareness Network to help you avoid a cesarean birth and  insure that your birth experience is as healthy and positive as possible.

If you would rather listen to meditations or affirmations, you could download Pregnancy and Labor Meditations from NaturalChildbirthEssentials.com or Relaxation for Expectant Mothers by Nancy Hopps available through Amazon.com

For more information on Epidurals, please visit the International Cesarean Awareness Network and read Epidurals–Real Risks for Mother and Baby

To help you convey your birth preferences to your birth team, print and fill out this two-page birth plan.