We know breast feeding is best for our babies, but sometimes in trying to do what is best, we don’t have the needed support to be successful.

“BEST for BABES is the only non-profit dedicated to giving breastfeeding a makeover and to revealing and removing the “booby traps”- the barriers to breastfeeding that keep tripping women up! New moms don’t need more judgment, pressure, or to be discriminated against for nursing, they deserve to be cheered on, coached and celebrated!


We recently added the Best for Babes PSA to all the websites on our network to help moms easily learn more about breast feeding and how to overcome the “booby traps“.  From nurses with good intentions who supplement your new baby so you can get some needed rest (even if it wasn’t your wish) to the lack of areas for moms to breast feed when out in public (malls are only now starting to include nursing rooms or stations), it seems as though doing what is best presents the most challenges — this shouldn’t be the case.

Even the perception of a breast feeding mom is inaccurate. A recent twitter post from @Smokerette stated “It’s NOT cool to stereotype all breastfeeding moms as granola munching, sandal wearing, vegan, flowers in hair hippies.”  This stereotype is among many that women have to overcome. The idea that this is what society still perceives illustrates the uphill battles moms face and it is completely false.

Best for Babes does acknowledge real hurdles that moms face and accepts that not all moms are going to choose to breast feed. Best for Babes is a site that moms can find needed information and still know that if they choose not to breast feed, they won’t be judged. In fact, they will be given additional information to help them make the healthiest choice for them and for baby — this is a welcome change from sites that condemn moms for not breast feeding.

Women need to support women in making the decisions that are best for them, their families, their health and their lifestyle. This can be achieved through information and empathy, not judgement and criticism.

Get Involved or Donate to the Best for Babes Foundation

Care about moms and babies? Want to get involved? You can support Best for Babes and help moms everywhere. PrintWhat you can do:

Link to Best for Babes from your website, become a fan or join the cause on Facebook, follow Best for Babes on Twitter!

– Run their ground-breaking ads pro-bono on your blog, website, or in your publication.

Share your story! They need more powerful women role models who succeeded with breastfeeding!

Fundraise. Help spread the word and fund  awareness campaigns,  celebrity interviews, and  education efforts so that they can reach millions of moms and babies.

Donate. Every bit helps!

Support their partners. Next time you buy a gift for an expecting mom, give her the gift that gives back–purchase a product from one a Best for Babes sponsor.


Best for Babes is one of the best websites for moms. We are proud to include their PSA on our sites.