stress when pregnant

Hormonal changes, difficult life events, holidays and even just the fears associated with soon becoming a new mom can generate a lot of anxiety and stress when pregnant. Then there are the dreaded mood swings of a mom-to-be.

You may be eating well and trying to get in some exercise to combat moodiness but what works when the mood swings or anxiety just get the better of you no matter how hard you try to control it? When you are eight months pregnant and can’t go for the usual run to “get it out of your system” then what options do you have?

So, what can you do when anxiety and stress take hold while you are pregnant? Check out the tips below to get started.

Combat Anxiety and Stress When Pregnant by Staying Active

Staying active throughout your pregnancy can be good for both you and your baby, especially if you are experiencing anxiety and stress when pregnant. And, when you are physically active, your body begins releasing what are known as endorphins, and those can help you feel better mentally.

Everything from running to yoga is a great option when you are aiming to get and stay active, but as your pregnancy progresses, your exercise routine will change. Don’t let that stress you out! Just adjust your physical activity so that it suits where your body is during the pregnancy. You might not be able to run anymore or do advanced yoga, but you can certainly go for a long walk and do stretches that keep your body mobile and flexible.

Other Ways to Release Endorphins

When you can’t be physically active, there are other ways to release those feel-good endorphins that can help relieve anxiety and stress when pregnant.

According to Healthline, you can consider the following options to better cope with stress and anxiety:

  1. Breathing exercises (deep breathing, in particular can be particularly beneficial, particularly when done for 20 minutes daily whenever you’re dealing with anxiety)
  1. Acupuncture (the benefits of acupuncture have been well documented, so talk to a trained acupuncturist to find out what it can do for you)
  1. Massage (this form of therapy might be just what you need to release tension from the body)
  1. Meditation (there are a variety of types of meditation that you can try, so you can keep things interesting, or you can stick with one type and really become an expert at it)

Don’t Hold It In 

Finally, make sure that you don’t bottle up your feelings if you are experiencing anxiety and stress when pregnant. Talking things out with your partner, a friend, or even a therapist might help dramatically. And, if you are trying a lot of different methods to try to get your anxiety and stress under control, but none of them are working enough, it is also a good idea to consult with your physician to get the help that you need. 

Anxiety and Stress When Pregnant: What Has Worked for You?

Some women swear by a change of scenery and fresh air, while others try natural remedies like Rescue Remedy to bring balance back to the body and mind, and to relieve anxiety and stress when pregnant. Sometimes the moodiness is depression or seems to be similar to PMS and predicable.

We would like to hear the real-life solutions from moms who have been there and what worked for them. What do you recommend for dealing with mood swings when pregnant? What about when you are dealing with your own mood swings and also have the demands of other children and work. How do you do it? Please comment and let us know so we can help other moms during these challenging times.