iStock_000007171731XSmallHormonal changes, difficult life events, holidays and even just the fears associated with soon becoming a new mom can generate a lot of stress and anxiety in a mom-to-be. Then there are the dreaded mood swings of pregnancy.

You may be eating well and trying to get in some exercise to combat moodiness but what works when the mood swings or anxiety just get the better of you no matter how hard you try to control it? When you are eight months pregnant and can’t go for the usual run to “get it out of your system” then what options do you have?

Some women swear by a change of scenery and fresh air, others try natural remedies like Rescue Remedy to bring balance back to the body and mind. Sometimes the moodiness is depression or seem to be similar to PMS and predicable. We would like to hear the real-life solutions from moms who have been there and what worked for them. What do you recommend for dealing with mood swings when pregnant? What about when you are dealing with your own mood swings and also have the demands of other children and work. How do you do it? Please comment and let us know so we can help other moms during these challenging times.