Have you gotten the exciting news that you are pregnant? Well, there are certain things that you can do after a positive pregnancy test so that you can ensure your baby’s health and give him or her the very best start in life.

Check out the tips below to promote your own health so that you can also promote the health of your new bundle of joy.

If You Smoke, It Is Time to Quit

If you are a smoker and you have found it difficult to quit in the past, there is no better reason than the fact that you are pregnant to finally ditch this nasty habit for good. According to experts, if you smoke, you could cause health defects that your baby will then have to live with. Your risk of miscarriage will also increase, as will the risk of premature birth. And all of the toxins that you are inhaling will stifle your baby’s development and growth, boosting the risk of behavioral problems, learning disorders, low IQ, asthma, and heart defects.

Start Taking Folic Acid

If you are not already taking a minimum of 400 micrograms of a high quality folic acid supplement, you should start right away, as doing so could help reduce your baby’s risk of developing neural tube defects. Check ingredients labels on your favorite packaged foods, too, as many of them are fortified with this important nutrient. And you can also get it from leafy greens and orange juice.

Purchase a Prenatal Vitamin

Prenatal vitamins are also a must while you are pregnant, as they will help you get the ideal balance of various important nutrients that your baby will need to grow beautifully in your womb. Nutrients like vitamin B12 and folic acid, as well as vitamins C and D and minerals like zinc, are included in these high quality supplements, and they all play an important part in helping your baby develop perfectly.

Avoid Fish That Contain Mercury

If you eat fish, it is best to think about your baby’s wellbeing and cut back on it or eliminate it, especially since so many fish species today contain harmful contaminants like mercury. Completely avoid swordfish, king mackerel, tilefish, and shark, which contain the greatest amounts of mercury. Instead, consider getting your omega-3 fatty acids from lean plant-based sources like flaxseeds, chia seeds, hempseeds, and nuts, as a few examples.

Stop Taking Certain Supplements/Medications

If you have been taking weight loss pills or  herbal supplements of any kind, stop taking them immediately and speak with your doctor before continuing their use. Be sure to also discuss your medications usage with your doctor in detail, as certain prescriptions can harm fetal development. Never stop taking a prescription medication before speaking with your doctor and learning what is best for your particular situation.

After a positive pregnancy test, it is time to put your focus upon your health, lead a stress-free life as much as possible, and do everything that you can to promote the health of your baby girl or boy.