As we review the results and over 200 pages of comments, we will post the results to each question individually. These links will take you to our main website for complete articles.

Question #1: How many Cesarean Births Have you had?

From the comments in subsequent questions we can see that many women who have had just one cesarean experienced it with their first birth. This also provides some insight as to why ‘traumatic’ and ‘disappointing’ were the words most participants used to describe their experience. Many women go into their first birth with expectations that may not be met and having it end in a cesarean or in an emergency situation can be very scary and upsetting.

Interestingly, many women who had subsequent cesareans for various reasons (see question #3) described the experience as calm and even empowering…

Question #2: Your Cesarean Birth was…?

The majority of women in this case did not opt for their cesarean, nor did they have an emergent situation. Many failure to progress answers, which in some cases (in my experience) has been failure to wait on the part of the provider. I certainly cannot speak for all the women who did answer this survey, but I can share some comments that were left.

While all these comments are not directly related to failure to progress, these are the ones I found to be most interesting, telling, and helpful when…

Question #3: If Elective or Planned Cesarean, What was the Reason?

There is so much more that could be shared about this subject in general, but I am just going to share some quotes from others instead of breaking this one down because it can certainly be a touchy subject, or carry feelings for some women…

Question #4: What Support Did You Have?

I do not have very much to say about this in general, but there are a couple alarming trends with this.  One thing that I am not happy to see is women depending on hospital staff for support during labor. Unfortunately in hospital situations and settings we know that nurses as well as hospital staff are completely over worked, and there are some serious shortages across the nation. Depending on a hospital staff member could be a contributing factor to the cesarean rates.

Another issue I can see is the lack of professional support, like using a doula which is connected directly with lowered cesarean birth rates…

Question #5: Would You Describe Your Experience As…

Wonderful :             27.7%   227 mothers
Empowering :           7.4%    61 mothers
Frusterating :          26.7%   219 mothers
Traumatic :             46.8%   384 mothers
Disappointing :         45.5%   373 mothers

Due to the wide range of experiences and emotional comments, we have separated the comments into two posts; Part 1: Positive Comments and Part 2: Negative Comments. Please understand that some of these comments are extreme but we wanted to represent how women feel and what their experiences are in their own words.  

Question #6: Do You Feel You Were Respected and in Control Throughout the Process?

Like every other question on this survey, we saw complete extremes on each side of the question, and very few moderate or middle of  the road answers. 312 women left a comment with their answer for this question, which left me with 14 pages of information, experiences, and comments that could be a trigger for anyone with any sort of a birth trauma. So I truly caution those same people from reading further.

 More to be added as we continue to look at results.