A two-year-old can definitely be challenging but there are also so many wonderful traits that are unique to toddlerhood. They are learning and taking in so much so fast that they seem to change over night. Most of these traits quickly disappear as their 3rd birthday approaches so appreciate this time and try to get some of it on film.

Here is my list of Top 10 Things to Love about Toddlers

  1. They mispronounce words in the most adorable way (yedo (yellow), sank you (thank you), beeana (banana)) are just some examples butMomToddlereach toddler has their own adorable vocabulary.
  2. Their voices are the sweetest, quietest, most loving EVER. Yes they now have the ability to make you twitch with a shrill screech BUT that tiny little voice won’t last long.
  3. They still love snuggles, hugs and kisses. At this age they hug you with all their heart. They are full of love and show it by giving you hugs and kisses wholeheartedly.
  4. They imitate and copy everything their siblings do from brushing teeth to pounding their fist on the table in frustration. The drive to be just like their siblings is wonderful to witness.
  5. They celebrate every milestone from potty training to putting on their shoes with total enthusiasm and pride like the whole world is witnessing their success.
  6. They have little pot bellies that they are also very proud of. Is there anything cuter that the proud toddler walk?
  7. They adore their doggies and blankies. Although this gets tricky sometimes when one or the other can’t be found, the attachment they have with their favorite things is sweet.
  8. They understand their world based on mommies, daddies, babies and (in our case) sisters. Cups, leaves, play-doh and stuffies are all named by size and family relationship.
  9. Their toes
  10. You are their world. They love you unconditionally and that unconditional love is the absolute best thing in the world.