When you are pregnant with #3 you think about how you could possibly manage caring for THREE kids when two can be overwhelming. You try to imagine who this little person will be and if their personality, appearance, temperament will be like the others. hosbaby

Then you meet them.

You can’t imagine #3 being any more amazing than they are – and they are the perfect addition to your family and you can’t imagine life being any different. As you look forward to the next few years, as busy as they will be, keep this list in mind when life with three presents challenges.

Here are some reasons why #3 is easier and more fun

  1. You aren’t #3’s only source of learning and entertainment. #3 will spend considerable time watching older siblings and play in close proximity with them giving you a bit of a break.
  2. #3 has more family members to cheer for first steps, first birthdays and other milestones.
  3. #3 has learned to “brush” their teeth and other tasks at 12 months because they observe and do EVERYTHING their siblings do.
  4. You KNOW that #3 will eventually sleep through the night and actually appreciate the nighttime snuggles knowing that this special time passes too quickly.
  5. You have been through croup, colic, colds, vomit and mystery rashes and know that as sick as a baby can get, they recover quickly and are back to smiles and mischief in no time.
  6. You’re experience allows you relax a little with the rules – most behaviors are developmental phases and having been through it a couple of times lets you truly know that “this too shall pass”.
  7. You have little helpers who are eager to help grab diapers, entertain the baby and even comfort #3 when they wake up crying.
  8. Although you have the largest collection of educational toys, you know that your parents were right when they said “they’ll spend more time playing with cardboard boxes and pots and pans” so that’s what #3 gets.
  9. You take advantage of nap time. It’s not the time for cleaning or laundry, it’s time for mom to have a nap, catch up on a reality show or connect with a friend.
  10. With #1 you really felt you were too busy to shower. By the time #3 arrives you have learned that monitors, swings, and excersaucers are all there to HELP YOU take care of yourself. You know the importance of self-care to be the best mom you can and have learned creative ways to do it.

Obviously three kids are much more work than two – some say “exponentially more” – but three can be a ton of fun regardless of the age differences between siblings. The older ones are becoming more independent and need less hands-on care and a new baby is such a miracle. Try to find the time each day to give some undivided attention to each of your children. Life with three will be busy but there is always time to give a hug, look them in the eye and say “I love you” – even if they are driving you crazy.