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Summer Swimming Tips for You and Your Baby

Whether summer’s already here or you’re preparing for the upcoming season, it’s time to break out the swimsuits and sunblock, because it’s a great time to learn swimming tips for you and your baby.  Certainly, you can’t expect your newborn to start doing a front crawl down Olympic pool lanes, but there are a huge number of benefits for both parents and babies in starting early with swimming.

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nausea remedies for pregnancy and labor

Probably the most well-known symptom of pregnancy is nausea and vomiting. And, according to the American Pregnancy Association, if you are experiencing nausea during pregnancy, you aren’t alone, as over 50% of women will have...

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Anxiety and Stress When Pregnant

Hormonal changes, difficult life events, holidays and even just the fears associated with soon becoming a new mom can generate a lot of anxiety and stress when pregnant. Then there are the dreaded mood swings of a mom-to-be. You...

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