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the new laborkit prepacked hospital bag

We first introduced our LaborKit many years ago but so much has changed since then. The growing awareness of toxins in our food, cosmetics and baby products has pushed some big brands to make some changes in order to keep their...

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This subject has been bothering me for a while. BabyCountdown has been very busy lately with babies being born. I do understand there are medical reasons for induction. I also understand we get very anxious the closer we get to...

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beware of misleading labels

As you are running warm water to get your 3-year-old ready for bed, would you use the bubble bath with Dora or Elmo that states clearly on the front: “Mild Formula”, “Dye-Free”,”Hypo-allergenic”, “Paraben Free”, “Pediatrician...

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beginners guide to cloth diapering

The decision to use cloth diapering can be intimidating. There are many different type and methods to experiment with. How you wash the diapers and where you get them are only a couple of the many questions parents have about...

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be a contributor to healthybabynetwork com

What are we looking for? Original Content: Content must be unique and original to We do not accept content that is reprinted or to be used elsewhere online. Meaningful Content: We care about Mothers and...

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inspiration for birth professionals

I wanted to share this video that was created by Stefanie Antunes, Founder and Chief Doula & Educator, Discover Birth. If you are a mom, doula, nurse, childbirth educator, Midwife, OB or anyone who simply appreciates and...

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summer swimming tips for you and your baby

Break out the swimsuits and sun block- summer’s here!  For parents of infants, this can be a wonderful time to introduce your little one to the weightless wonders of water, and the introduction of swim lessons. Benefits of water...

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