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Summer Swimming Tips for You and Your Baby

Whether summer’s already here or you’re preparing for the upcoming season, it’s time to break out the swimsuits and sunblock, because it’s a great time to learn swimming tips for you and your baby.  Certainly, you can’t expect your newborn to start doing a front crawl down Olympic pool lanes, but there are a huge number of benefits for both parents and babies in starting early with swimming.

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5 Questions to Ask Your Baby’s Doctor During Checkups

A visit to the pediatrician is always an opportunity to get the answers you’re wondering about, so don’t hesitate with questions to ask your baby’s doctor while you’re there. Every time you bring your baby for a checkup is an important opportunity for you to gain valuable insights not only into your baby’s current state of health, but also into what you can do to help ensure your baby will grow well and strong.

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12 Toxins to Avoid in Personal Care Products

Personal care products are part of our daily self-care routines, and we commonly use them without hesitation. But what if you knew that those same products might actually be putting you and your family at risk?   These formulations are used directly on our skin and in turn their ingredients can be easily absorbed into our bodies where they come into direct contact with sensitive tissues and organs. 

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Are Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Safe for Pregnant Women?

The FDA and number of other national health organizations around the world have started saying that certain anti-inflammatory drugs are not safe for pregnant women to use. To be clear, this does not mean that all medications in the category are not appropriate, and this recommendation is only for a certain window of time during the pregnancy.

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