1. Reduce Your Impact on the Environment

Cloth diapers mean that you are buying and disposing of less stuff.  These are not single use items like disposable diapers and can be reused for multiple children and families.

2.  Proper Disposable of Messes

Waste belongs in the toilet, not the trash. By cloth diapering your baby you’ll be disposing of solids in the proper place. With disposable diapers, the mess is often wrapped up into the diaper and tossed. These dirty diapers end up in our landfill, leaching into our soils and water.

3. Keep Your Finances Healthy

Diapering can be a fixed cost rather than an ongoing expense. Calculate how much of your budget you can allocate towards your baby’s diapers and invest in diapers that actually fit within that set amount. You can also recoup much of the money you spend by selling your diapers when your little one is toilet trained.

4. Seriously Simple

Initially cloth diapering can seem daunting with the wide variety of choices and strange acronyms. The Internet has loads of information including how-to videos. Ask for help from a cloth diapering family or look for a local business that offers Learn to Cloth workshops. You’ll see just how easy it is, once you are shown how to use and care for your diapers.

5. Instant Community

Cloth diapering parents like to talk about cloth diapering. You will find tons of Facebook pages, forums, chats, and blogs devoted to talking about reusable diapers. These communities will be great places to connect with likeminded parents, find support for diapering, and have fun conversations.

6. Toileting Cues

Cloth diapering helps both you and your child be in tune with their toileting habits.. Your child will likely to connect the action of going to the washroom with the dampness of their diaper, and exhibit signs of potty readiness such as telling you when they are going to the washroom or are wet. You will be less likely to leave your child in a wet diaper than if you were using a disposable thus helping to prevent diaper rashes

7. Change Your Mindset

Using cloth diapers can break the throw away mentality. It is quite often a gateway to noticing other ways you can save money by reusing an item. After months of cloth diapering, you may find yourself reaching for rags instead of paper towels, refusing plastic bags at the grocery store, and packing snacks in stainless steel containers instead of Ziploc bags.

Photo by Sara Vartanian

by Sara Vartanian

Sara Vartanian is an urban, green mom of two little boys. She is the founder of Green Moms Collective, a Canadian community to educate and inspire moms to live green. Through her Toronto boutique, changeMatt, Sara offers eco-consulting and cloth diaper matchmaking services. If she’s not on twitter talking all things green mom, she can be found wandering the city’s green spaces and farmers markets with her family.