Every time that you bring your baby to the doctor for a checkup is an important opportunity for you to ask questions and gain valuable insights not only into your baby’s current state of health, but also into what you can do to help ensure your baby will grow big and strong.

What are the main questions to ask your baby’s doctor during checkups? Five of them are listed below.

1. Is My Baby Growing as Expected?

One of the most important questions to ask your baby’s doctor is whether or not your child is growing as he or she should be at that age. Your pediatrician will be able to tell you if there are any indications that your baby is not growing at the correct rate, and will also be able to provide advice on what steps you can take to ensure healthy development.

2. What Can I Expect as My Baby Grows?

Your baby will grow and change quickly during his or her first year, so it can be difficult to keep up, especially if you are a new parent. Asking your pediatrician about the changes that you should expect with the next growth phase will set your mind at ease.

3. Does My Baby Need Vaccinations?

At various stages in your baby’s development, your pediatrician should be recommending necessary vaccinations that will protect your child from a range of illnesses. If your pediatrician is not bringing up immunizations, it is important to ask about them and find out what the correct schedule is for primary shots and boosters.

4. Is My Baby Sleeping Right?

Your baby’s sleep patterns can reveal a lot to your pediatrician, so be sure to tell the doctor about your child’s sleeping habits. Also be sure to ask him or her if your baby is sleeping enough and sleeping according to a healthy schedule.

5. How Much Should My Baby Be Eating?

In addition to sleep patterns, your baby’s eating patterns can also reveal quite a bit to your pediatrician. Discuss your baby’s current habits, including when he or she eats and how much is consumed at each feeding. Then ask if any changes need to be made to ensure healthy growth.

Knowing what questions to ask your baby’s doctor during checkups will put you in greater control over your child’s health and wellbeing, and you will be able to rest assured that you are doing everything right to help your baby thrive.