Morning sickness is a problem that most women face when they are pregnant. Women might find themselves with nausea that’s so strong they avoid eating, and that can result in unhealthy weight loss, which you certainly don’t want while you are expecting.

To get relief from the symptoms of morning sickness, some women turn to marijuana, but is smoking pot for morning sickness really a good idea?

One Woman’s Success Story

According to NPR, when a woman was dealing with intense nausea while she was pregnant, she started drinking tea that had been infused with CBD and THC, which are compounds found in the cannabis plant. As soon as she started ingesting the CBD and THC, she found that her nausea subsided. As a result, she was finally able to eat full meals, which she was unable to do previously. Thereafter, she would use the cannabis compounds to help her with her appetite whenever she felt that her nausea was keeping her from getting the nutrition that she needed.

More Pregnant Women Are Using Marijuana

It turns out that more and more women are using marijuana to reduce the nausea they feel, as well as the vomiting that they experience, while they are pregnant. The FDA, however, has felt the need to issue statements regarding this method.

Although women who have tried this approach have had good results with it, the FDA strongly advises against the use of any form of cannabis while pregnant, as well as while breastfeeding. The concern is that the use of compounds like CBD might pose a risk to the unborn baby.

THC and Unborn Babies

What could be the problem with using marijuana while you are pregnant? Well, the FDA has stated that research has shown that THC can cross the placenta. As a result, it might end up impacting the brain development of the fetus. Beyond that, exposure to THC might cause the baby to be born prematurely as well. Plus, low birth weight is another concern. 

Also, when it comes to a woman who is breastfeeding, if she uses marijuana, and her body is exposed to THC, the compound will make its way to the baby through her breast milk.

At the same time, though, there have been some studies that haven’t shown that THC can have these impacts on a fetus after all. So, there is some conflicting information out there regarding what would be the safest route for a mother to take. 

The Best Thing: Lead a Healthy Lifestyle While Pregnant

To ensure your baby will be born healthy, you need to be certain you are following a healthy lifestyle while you are expecting. This includes following the FDA’s advice and avoiding marijuana and its compounds while you are pregnant, but it also means avoiding other unhealthy habits and substances, such as alcohol and tobacco.