For the majority of women who give birth to a beautiful bundle of joy, weight loss after pregnancy will not come too easily. That being said, why is losing weight after having a baby so hard for so many?

Being a New Mom Is Stressful!

A lot of stress comes with being a new mom, and there are also a lot of questions regarding the proper care that needs to be provided to an infant. This is why a lot of women are far more focused on taking care of their child than on losing weight.

Typically, it takes a lot of parents a few months before they become comfortable with what is necessary to care for their baby. In the meantime, mothers can feel chronically stressed, and that could prevent them from making healthy lifestyle choices.

After giving birth, you might find yourself taking shortcuts when it comes to eating right, and that can contribute to additional weight gain rather than weight loss. Plus, stress can contribute to weight gain because it adversely affects hormone balance and encourages the release of cortisol.

Sleep Deprivation

Another reason why weight loss after pregnancy can be tough is because new mothers tend to lose a lot of sleep, especially in the first few months following a birth. That’s because the baby will be up at all hours of the day and night, making it difficult for parents to get a solid 8 hours of shut-eye after the sun goes down.

Mothers might find time to get in a quick nap here and there, but it certainly isn’t enough to have enough energy to exercise during the day. Research has even shown that failing to get enough sleep at night can contribute to weight gain too. Therefore, the combination of lack of sleep, not eating right, and feeling stressed will inevitably take its toll.

Your Body Has Additional Fat Stores

Many women don’t realize that, while they were pregnant, their body actually increased the amount of fat that was being stored in order to have enough energy to support the life of the growing baby. However, even after you have given birth and your baby starts to grow from one month to the next, your body might not shed that fat so easily or so quickly. This is just another reason why weight loss after pregnancy can be so tough.

Weight Loss After Pregnancy: How Much Can You Expect to Shed?

According to experts, mothers who breastfeed their babies might be able to shed anywhere from 1.3-1.6 pounds every month after giving birth. Still, this will only continue for maybe six months before the weight loss slows down. What about women who don’t breastfeed? Well, they won’t be burning as many calories, so they might lose weight even more slowly.

Weight loss after pregnancy doesn’t come too easily, but if you do your best to eat right, exercise, and get enough sleep once you and your baby have set a schedule, you can start to shed those pounds in no time.