If you’re traveling with kids but refuse to give up the finer things, then you’re going to want to have the right luxury vacation tips on your side. Starting a family doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice the lifestyle you’ve come to love.  The key is to know what you’re doing when you’re making your bookings and to choose options that will best accommodate your entire family.

Luxury Vacation Tips for Travelers with Kids

Use the following luxury vacation tips to help your family get the most out of your time away.  While some may seem obvious, they’ve all been tried and tested to make sure they will all work in your favor for your next trip.

Make Sure Your Accommodations are Kid-Appropriate

One of the most important luxury vacation tips you can learn is to inquire as to whether or not a place is child-friendly.  Certain hotels and resorts are created for a truly luxurious experience.  This can mean that your room or suite may not be child-safe or kid friendly.  Expensive, breakable items may be displayed and rooms may not be baby-proofed to ensure that your little ones are safe during their stay. Be sure to look into any potential age restrictions at your accommodations.

Travel with Another Family

Among the best luxury vacation tips for families who want to live it up but are on a budget is to share accommodations.  Instead of getting multiple hotel rooms, pool your resources and go for the luxury villa rental.  The cost difference is often nominal, but the experiences are worlds apart.  Kids and parents can have their own rooms, and if you choose the right place, a personal chef will come in to make your meals each day!

Choose the Right Destination

Some destinations are better than others when you’re traveling with the whole family, regardless of your accommodations. Make sure you choose a place where you’ll have fun things to do within reach of where you’re staying.

If you’re staying with older children or teens, staying on a beach will provide lots of opportunities for play and activity while you’re there.  Still, make sure that the day trips you’ll be taking are kid friendly, too. Remember that it’s all well and good to visit a place with fascinating historical value, but if your kids will be bored, if it won’t be safe for kids, or if there’s no way your stroller will go where you need to go, it might not be the best place for your next trip.