Every woman gains quite a bit of weight while she is pregnant—usually around 25 to 35 pounds—so after they have given birth, new moms often focus their efforts on getting rid of that extra weight as quickly as possible.

Stressing out about slimming down, though, isn’t a good idea, as the anxiety and tension can take their toll on your mental and physical health. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of tips aimed at helping you achieve stress-free, easy baby weight loss.

How Long Should You Take to Lose That Weight?

First off, it’s important to note that, according to Images, experts recommend losing the baby weight over the course of six months to a full year. This means that, although easy baby weight loss is possible, it should occur gradually. Don’t force it, as you will lose the weight before you know it if you use the right strategy along the way.

No Crash Dieting Allowed!

Crash diets might sound like a good idea when it comes to easy baby weight loss, but these super restrictive, super low-calorie eating plans aren’t a good idea. That’s because these diets will increase your risk of becoming deficient in important nutrients. Side effects of crash dieting may include hair loss and fatigue, along with health problems like weakened bones. Scary!

Rather than stressing your body with a crash diet, focus on consuming a balanced diet that is low in calories and packed with nutrients. Aim for variety by consuming a wide range of veggies, fruits, whole grains, beans, seeds, nuts, and more (no processed or junk foods!).

Also, focus on eating more plants. Doing so can help you lose weight with less effort. Plus, plants will give you plenty of fiber, which is another important component to any smart weight loss strategy. Fiber can help support your overall health, while also helping you feel full for longer. Aim to get 25 grams of fiber every day.

Drink Water Throughout the Day

Another way to ensure you can lose the baby weight in a stress-free way is by making it a point to drink more water every day. This simple strategy can help you better control your appetite, and that will help you more easily reduce your calorie intake. How much water should you drink? Aim to get a minimum of two liters daily.

Don’t Forget to Exercise

So far, we’ve covered eating right by stocking up on whole food ingredients and avoiding unhealthy foods like processed foods. And, we’ve talked about the importance of drinking enough water and getting enough fiber. Next up is getting enough exercise. This is another critical component to easy baby weight loss plans that work.

First, ask your doctor about how long you should wait before starting an exercise routine after giving birth. It might be days after having your baby, or you might have to wait longer if you had a complicated birth or C-section.

You can also discuss what exercises are appropriate for you with your doctor. Generally, exercises that get your heart rate up will help you burn calories and fat, so a few great choices include cycling, jogging, or just plain walking. You can even incorporate interval training strategies, and you can also throw in some resistance training to build your muscles.

Ultimately, by following the tips above, you should find that easy baby weight loss is possible. Take care of your body while you take care of your baby; you’ll be fitting into your pre-pregnancy clothes before you know it!