Is prescription Adipex safe to use after pregnancy for weight loss? After having a baby, you might be ready to lose the extra weight that you put on while you were pregnant. The key is to shed the pounds in a safe way.

You already know that taking a prescription diet pill is not recommended while you are pregnant, as the goal should be to gain weight, not lose it, while your baby is growing in your belly. But, can you take something like Adipex after pregnancy, when you want to get your pre-baby body back?

Check out the information below to learn more about Adipex weight loss pills and post-pregnancy weight loss. Just keep in mind that you can always turn to your doctor for advice on how to safely and efficiently lose weight after having a baby.

Can You Take Adipex After Pregnancy If You’re Breastfeeding?

According to Healthline, phentermine (which is the generic form of Adipex) might end up in your breast milk. This means that, if you are breastfeeding your baby while you are taking Adipex, he or she might end up ingesting it, and you don’t want that to happen because you want your breast milk to be as pure as possible.

Although experts are not entirely sure about whether or not Adipex will be excreted in your breast milk, and the possible reactions that it can cause if it is ingested by your baby, it is best to err on the side of caution. So, if you have not yet started taking Adipex, wait until you are done breastfeeding your little one to talk to your doctor about getting a prescription. On the other hand, if you have been taking it, talk to your doctor about stopping use of the diet pill, or switch to feeding your baby a formula rather than breastfeeding.

The Benefits of Using Adipex Weight Loss Pills

Adipex can be helpful if you want to lose the baby weight in a more efficient manner, especially if diet and exercise have not been giving you the results that you want. Just keep the following in mind:

  • You need to get a prescription from your doctor to take Adipex, so steer clear of sites that claim you can buy it without a prescription.
  • Adipex can cause side effects that range from mild to severe, so weigh the pros and cons of this diet pill with the help of your doctor.
  • Adipex can help suppress your appetite, making it easier to reduce your calorie intake, but because you’re a busy mom, be sure to eat a balanced, nutritious diet even when cutting calories.

Know When It’s Right to Take Adipex After Pregnancy

You have a lot to take care of when you have a baby, and that includes your own body. Rather than going to extremes, use care when deciding what path you’ll take to slim down. Using Adipex after pregnancy might work under the right circumstances, but talk to your doctor for personalized guidance.