Staying active after giving birth will help you look and feel better, and it will also help you lose the baby weight even more quickly. Plus, it is a great excuse for getting outside and getting some much-needed fresh air that will rejuvenate body and mind. But if you have thought about jogging with baby because you used to love to run and you want to get back into it, check out the tips below to stay safe.

Start by Investing in a Jogging Stroller

When you head out jogging with baby, you won’t be able to hold him or her in your arms the entire time, so you will need to place your baby safely and securely into a stroller. But your standard stroller that you use for things like going to the grocery store simply won’t do. Instead, you need to invest in a baby stroller that has been specifically designed for jogging. These strollers will feature adjustable shocks and bigger tires so that bouncing can be minimized and your baby will remain cozy and comfortable.

Always Keep Safety in Mind

Even if you have invested in the most high-tech stroller with all of the latest safety features, you need to be alert and aware at all times while you are jogging with your baby. For example, when you are jogging at dusk or at dawn, the stroller’s top, sides, and front should feature reflective accents. You should also avoid jogging on busy streets, and never assume that drivers will be able to see you. Also, always make sure that your baby is properly buckled in, put the wrist strap on if it is included, and use the parking break whenever you stop.

Know How to Dress Your Baby

You’ll be the one doing all of the jogging, so your body will certainly warm up, even if the weather is quite cool when you head out. Your baby, on the other hand, will be stationary, so he or she will quickly get a chill of you don’t dress him or her properly, so keep that in mind before you head out. And if you’re heading out in the rain, use a rain shield to keep your baby totally dry. On sunny days, a canopy could be the perfect way to protect your baby from the sun.

Jogging with baby is a fantastic way to stay active, slim down, and get strong. And it is also a great opportunity to bond with your baby. But be sure to follow the tips above so that you can have a good time while staying totally safe.

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