You might not think about it often, but drowning is actually one of the leading causes of death among children. Learning the following drowning prevention tips is a wise move, as they can help prevent tragedy.

Top Drowning Prevention Tips

Always Keep a Close Eye on Your Child

Never leave your small children alone in or near bodies of water, including pools and bathtubs, even if it is just for a moment. Babies and kids who are under 5 years of age should always be supervised when they are near any body of water. That way, if anything happens, the adult can reach in right away and save a child from drowning. If your little one is near water, remain focused on him or her, and avoid distractions like talking to someone on the phone or doing chores while your child plays in the water.

Take the case of Bode and Morgan Miller, as an example. According to the Daily Mail, their daughter, Emmy, died at 19 months old when she accidentally fell into their neighbor’s swimming pool while her mother wasn’t looking.

Install a Fence Around Your Swimming Pool

In addition to keeping a close eye on your child, even when he or she is in a small amount of water, if you have a swimming pool at home, make it a point to install a fence around it so that your child can’t accidentally fall in while you aren’t looking. Make sure the fence is a minimum of four feet tall, and ensure that your child won’t be able to climb it. The latch on the fence should be self-latching and self-closing as well.

Take a CPR Class for Parents

Finally, taking a CPR class is another very smart move, and probably the most important of all of the drowning prevention tips. Nothing beats the knowledge that comes with taking a course that teaches you what to do during an emergency.

Tragedy can strike before you know it when your child is near a body of water. Use the drowning prevention tips above to help keep your son or daughter safe at all times. Also, don’t hesitate to talk to your child’s pediatrician for additional tips and information on the risks of drowning and how to prevent it.