Are you hoping to have a baby soon? Have you been struggling to get pregnant, though? Then continue reading to uncover a couple of myths about getting pregnant. Stop believing in these myths right now so that you can take the right steps towards increasing the odds of getting pregnant sooner rather than later.

Women Over 40 Don’t Have a Chance of Getting Pregnant

One of the top myths about getting pregnant is the idea that, once you are around 40 years of age, you will have a super hard time conceiving. According to East Idaho News, however, this isn’t necessarily true.

It’s true that, as you get older, the quality of your eggs goes down, and the DNA contained within them becomes increasingly more vulnerable to making genetic mistakes. For this reason, your body will actually get rid of embryos that it deems wouldn’t end in a healthy baby. But, this doesn’t mean that getting pregnant at 40 is impossible. It just means that it might take longer. Try every month to conceive in order to increase your odds of a healthy pregnancy.

You’ll Get Pregnant If You’re Ovulating

Many women start tracking their menstrual cycles more closely when they are trying to conceive, as they want to target the period of time that they are ovulating each month. They believe that they can get pregnant as long as they are sexually active while ovulating, but this is actually a myth.

Basically, just because you’re ovulating doesn’t mean that you will instantly get pregnant by having sex. Other factors are at play, such as the health of your partner’s sperm, and whether or not you are releasing a healthy egg. If you are consistently having trouble getting pregnant, despite tracking ovulation, talk to a fertility specialist who can help you figure out why you are having difficulty conceiving.

Now that you know some of the many myths about getting pregnant, you can make smarter choices that will help ensure you start the family that you have always dreamed of.