Pregnancy brain is real. You actually do forget things you’d never dream possible. When I was pregnant with my now 21-month-old, I would stare at an object, say a table, for example, and call it a chair. I knew it wasn’t a chair. But I also knew that the name of the object had completely escaped me and would likely not return any time soon. Luckily, I’d think to myself, I’d remembered the name of something associated with it.

This syndrome presented me with quite a predicament since I was working full time at a job where forgetfulness was a big no-no. So I began to keep lists. That way I would know I’d completed everything necessary in a day, provided I didn’t forget where I’d placed the list.

It was pregnancy brain that really forced to me to acknowledge that there is, in fact, a difference between the capabilities of men and women in the workplace. Until that point, I would staunchly argue that men and women could do anything and everything equally in a given work situation.

But when I got pregnant, I realized just how much better we women are at holding it all together.

My job wasn’t a typical desk job. I was a reporter and radio news anchor. I had to keep up with breaking news, check my facts, and spend several hours live on the air five days a week. I also had to pretend that I wasn’t nauseous 24/7 for a few months. Then I had to pretend that I wasn’t dry
heaving into the toilet every morning for the next few months after that.

Meanwhile, my co-workers (all male) didn’t notice any difference in my exceptional work ethic or my growing belly. I was able to keep up appearances and get the job done. And somehow, even in live interviews, I was able to remember words that should’ve escaped me because of my affliction.

So keeping pregnancy brain at bay is possible if you concentrate really hard on your tasks at hand. But the forgetfulness caused by the exhaustion after baby is born – that’s a whole other animal…

Melanie Herschorn is the founder and designer of Udderly Hot Mama. Melanie’s goal is to bring fashionable and functional breastfeeding tops to moms everywhere.