Feed Your Fertility And Get Pregnant Faster!

Could Your Diet Be Keeping You From Getting Pregnant? Find out with this fun quiz excerpted from The New Fertility Diet Guide by Niels H. Lauersen, MD and Colette Bouchez.

If you’ve been trying to get pregnant – and it’s just not happening as quickly as you would like – take heart, you’re not alone. Indeed, for many couples – even those under age 35– it can take up to a year, or longer to conceive.

But what happens when a year – or more – passes and, despite your best efforts, still no pregnancy occurs? Well sometimes there is a physical problem in one or both partners getting in the way.

But before you spend your money on expensive fertility testing and treatments there is something else you should know: According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, for the overwhelming majority of couples who visit fertility clinics seeking help, the diagnosis is “unexplained infertility” – meaning, there are no physical problems preventing them from conceiving.

So what is stopping them? Often, it is lifestyle issues and particularly dietary factors standing in the way! .

In fact, today there is some incredible, sound scientific evidence to show that making even small dietary changes can have an enormous impact on not just those couples suffering from “unexplained infertility”, but any couple looking to optimize their chances for getting pregnant faster and easier.

But what should you eat to hep you get pregnant faster? First, a balanced diet is a good foundation – simply because you need a full and balanced compliment of nutrients from all food groups to maximize your overall good health. And that’s the first step to maximizing your fertility.

That said, there are also a number of studies showing that certain key nutrients found in specific foods may have extra important beneficial effects directly on fertility, as well as impacting certain conditions found to interfere with getting pregnant. For many couples adding just these few extra foods to their diet can make an enormous difference in helping them get pregnant quickly and naturally!

To find out what some of those food secrets are, sharpen up your #2 pencil and take our fun fertility food quiz! We promise you’ll discover some surprising fertility food secrets that really work!

Feed Your Fertility Quiz

(Excerpted from “The New Fertility Diet Guide: Delicious Food Secrets To Help You Get Pregnant Faster”by Niels H. Lauersen, MD and Colette Bouchez

1. Just one of these snack foods can offer a super fertility boost. Is it:

A) Peanut butter and crackers
B) Potato Chips
C) Pop Corn

2. This one dessert has been clinically shown to improve pregnancy odds. Is it:

A) Full Fat Ice cream
B) Low Fat Ice Cream
C) Frozen Yogurt

3. One of these vegetables is bad news for fertility. Is it :

A) Carrots
B) Peas
C) Potatoes

4. One of these fruits has been shown to help regulate ovulation and get reproductive hormones on track. Is it:

A) Peaches
B) Blueberries
C) Apples

5. One of these cooking oils is great for fertility – the other two could be harmful. The good fertility oil is:

A) Canola oil
B) Olive Oil
C) Corn Oil

6. One of these ga