I am not only a co-owner of Let’s Go Strolling, but also a Mom to three – baby, 3 year old and 6 year old. This means I have many years of packing a diaper bag under my belt and while I wouldn’t say I’m an expert, for the most part I have whatever I need with me when I am out and about with my little ones.

Here’s my current list of diaper bag essentials:

1) Diaper & Wipes Holder – I love the Diapees &Wipees holder and the JuJuBe BeQuick. Both are fun, colorful and easy to find in my diaper bag. I know some people like the Skip Hop Pronto, as it holds your diapers, wipes and creams together with your changing pad for great all in one storage.

2) Burp Clothes – Not only is this great for baby drool, it also wipes down wet park benches, dries tears, and serves as a changing pad in a pinch.

3) Wipes – I know this is a duh, but haven’t you ever been caught with a wipes case with no wipes. Not pretty! So I thought it was worth a mention.

4) A spare outfit – I had BabySpareWare when my daughter was younger – which I loved. Now I just use a Generation Baby Handy Sak to hold a clean outfit. It’s great because when I do need to make a change on the go – it keeps the dirty outfit in a leak-proof bag separate from everything else. It’s also great for holding baby food or snacks separate so they are easy to find and don’t migrate all around your diaper bag.

5) If you are nursing – I love the BeBe Au Lait Nursing covers. They are lightweight, pack down small in your diaper bag and give you nursing privacy while allowing a full view for Mom for easy latch-on. They even come in an organic version for the eco-conscious. As my baby gets older, I also find they shut out some of the distractions which can lead to longer nursing sessions away from home.

6) A Snack Holder – My two current favorites are the Snack Trap (allows little hands in but snacks don’t fall out) and the Zoli Snack/Formula dispenser. The Zoli is great because it is BPA free and enables you to keep many snacks easily together (not floating around your diaper bag.) It even has a pour dispenser which is great for formula or cheerios!

7) MomSpit – This no-rinse cleaner really gets your kid’s messy faces and sticky hands clean in a jiffy. And it’s much easier and more appealing than your spit, trust me!

8) A sippy cup – I’m loving the new Kleen Kanteen Sippy Cup. Once again, BPA-free, but I really love that it has fun colors but is still completely dishwasher safe. I also use the SippiGrip around it when I am out with my stroller or have my toddler in a carseat. It keeps drinks close on hand without me having to constantly hand it to my kids!

9) Plastic Diaper Bags – When you’re traveling or at friend’s houses, it’s just not cool to leave a stinky diaper in their trash without sealing off the smell. This is much easier than trying to locate a plastic bag each time. Also holds wet clothes in a pinch.

10) Boogie Wipes – The easiest way to wipe away a runny nose without chaffing your kids’ noses.

11) Band-Aids – Once you have a toddler you’ll find that this is the magic cure for many boo-boos that a kiss alone can’t sooth.

A great way to organize your bags can be using little pouches to separate mommy essentials from kid’s. The Ju Ju Be BeSet is one of the best organizing sets on the market. You can even make one a dedicated first-aid pouch if you have a little daredevil in the family!

Okay I know that’s a long list – but it packs downs small and believe me – sooner or later- you’ll need it all!

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